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Innovation – Interview with Yann Quentric, President of Iris Pharma

By On 17 February 2017

It would be hard to dispute that working from an office situated minutes from the ocean and ensconced by a forest in a mountain town may stimulate you emotionally, but does it… Read More

Contact lens

Eye Health and Technology: Dr. Whitney Hauser

By On 13 January 2017

Some things naturally fit together such as Ginger and Fred, champagne and Paris, or DNA and coding. Other things may not have an obvious fit but once brought together are symbiotic and… Read More


An Eye on Innovation: Calling all Startups!

By On 4 March 2016

During the 8th International Conference on the Tear Film & Ocular Surface: Basic Science and Clinical Relevance, September 7-10, 2016, in Montpellier, France, TFOS is planning a special innovation night where startups… Read More


A New Viewpoint: An Eye-Focused Accelerator

By On 28 April 2015

There are an estimated 280 million visually impaired worldwide, with 39 million completely blind. Considering that 80% of eye disease could be prevented or cured, innovation is needed to disrupt and improve… Read More