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Dry Eye & Glaring Ocular Needs: Dr. Noopur Gupta, India

By On 23 December 2016

Women in developing countries are often confronted by socio-cultural factors that not only limit their economic and social freedoms, but also their accessibility to appropriate health care services. In fact, a myriad… Read More

artificial tears

Giving Back to the Community: Dr. John Ubels

By On 9 December 2016

Over the past decade, scientists have explored the impact of positive-to-negative interaction ratios in our work and personal life. This ratio can be used to predict everything from workplace performance to divorce. Some research… Read More


See Art thru Blind Eyes

By On 5 November 2015

When was the last time you stepped into a museum? Did you look at the paintings? Did you really see the art? Imagine if you were born into a world without color,… Read More

3d printing

Your eyes are your fingers! Seeing the world thru touch…

By On 18 November 2014

WATCH THE VIDEO: Your eyes are your fingers! Have you ever noticed that Italians speak with their hands? Mamma mia, of course! Some say that the rapid hand-gesticulation is a genetic attribute.… Read More