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artificial tears

A trend or a new reality: Interview with Dr. Etty Bitton

By On 17 March 2017

Trends often dictate what is offered in the marketplace. We live in a consumer-driven society and as niche markets develop in scale and penetration, new offerings are introduced, constantly stimulating a market… Read More

Dry Eye Disease

Is There a Correlation Between Tear Film Osmolarity, Dry Eye Disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis

By On 24 June 2015

With the recent advent of lab testing in eye care Sjogrens Syndrome (SS) has received much needed attention; but we must not forget about our patients having other autoimmune diseases that may… Read More

artificial tears

BLINK! The 20 worst Dry Eye cities in the US

By On 29 May 2015

Did you know that there are rankings for the cities with the worst conditions for dry eye sufferers? It’s quite ironic to see that some of the top cities also happen to… Read More


TFOS Travel Awards @ ARVO 2015

By On 25 March 2015

TFOS seeks applicants for the annual TFOS Travel Awards for ARVO 2015. These awards will provide partial travel support for four postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, or young investigators (40 years or younger),… Read More


TFOS i2 = initiating innovation

By On 25 March 2015

Thank you to all those who participated in the start of the TFOS i2 = initiating innovation series. This all-day meeting, which was held in London on Saturday, March 21, focused on… Read More


Wash your face! Eye Bugs & Hygiene…

By On 24 March 2015

Your face is crawling with BUGS! Yes, you. In fact, demodex mites live in oil glands and hair follicles all over our bodies. It’s estimated that a typical adult has up to… Read More


No More Dues!

By On 29 January 2015

Yes, you read the headline correctly: NO more TFOS DUES! You do not need to get your eyes checked! All TFOS information is now free. TFOS’ main objective is to educate &… Read More

artificial tears


By On 29 January 2015

The TFOS Board of Directors congratulate Amy Gallant Sullivan for raising the funds necessary to launch the sequel to the original TFOS Dry Eye WorkShop (DEWS). This was an extraordinary effort. The… Read More


Eye Opener: Long luscious lashes?

By On 17 November 2014

We’re so over all of the Halloween fake-contact-lens warnings… But just because we’ve put the phantom back in the closet for another year does not mean that we will forget about painting… Read More

Contact lens

October Updates!

By On 30 October 2014

DEWS II: THE TFOS DRY EYE WORKSHOP UPDATE! TFOS has received more than 300 nominations for participants in the DEWS II. Thank you! Once we have raised enough funds to support this… Read More