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A Lifestyle Epidemic: Ocular Surface Disease

By On 2 December 2020

The TFOS Board of Directors is pleased to announce the next TFOS Workshop, entitled “A Lifestyle Epidemic: Ocular Surface Disease.” This TFOS Workshop will focus on what we do to ourselves, as… Read More


TFOS Interview: Leslie O’Dell & the Cosmetic Industry

By On 3 February 2017

We see them marching into Starbucks and ordering green tea – with lemon on the side – for lunch. We see them shopping on a Tuesday afternoon, laden with bags overflowing with… Read More


Generating Awareness of Dry Eye: Dr. Christopher Starr

By On 27 January 2017

It is the perfect coupling – a celebrity and a charming doctor – and the result is sexy. Damn sexy, in fact. But more importantly, it is effective in generating awareness for… Read More

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Raising the Bar in Dry Eye Care : Interview with Rebecca Petris, Founder of The Dry Eye Company

By On 2 December 2016

TFOS recently spoke with Rebecca Petris, founder and CEO of The Dry Eye Company, about how we can raise the bar in dry eye care. She shared her personal history and how… Read More


Season’s Greetings

By On 15 December 2015

Read More


Wash your face! Eye Bugs & Hygiene…

By On 24 March 2015

Your face is crawling with BUGS! Yes, you. In fact, demodex mites live in oil glands and hair follicles all over our bodies. It’s estimated that a typical adult has up to… Read More


Eye Opener: Long luscious lashes?

By On 17 November 2014

We’re so over all of the Halloween fake-contact-lens warnings… But just because we’ve put the phantom back in the closet for another year does not mean that we will forget about painting… Read More

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Halloween is Scary. . . for your Eyes!

By On 28 October 2014

Halloween offers the perfect opportunity to glam or ghoul it up with gobs of makeup. Gooey grease paint, freaky false eyelashes and eery eyeliner colors. . . However, do not be spooked… Read More