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A Lifestyle Epidemic: Ocular Surface Disease

By On 2 December 2020

The TFOS Board of Directors is pleased to announce the next TFOS Workshop, entitled “A Lifestyle Epidemic: Ocular Surface Disease.” This TFOS Workshop will focus on what we do to ourselves, as… Read More

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TFOS CLDW Report & Translations online!

By On 24 May 2014

TFOS CLDW Report & Translations online! June 17, 2014 – Contact lens discomfort is a problem experienced by as many as 50% of all contact lens wearers!… Read More


Contact lens discomfort: what is it, why does it occur and how can it be treated?

By On 21 May 2014

Contact lens discomfort (CLD) may be the leading cause of patient dissatisfaction with, and discontinuation of, contact lens wear throughout the world — but there is little agreement among vision researchers and… Read More

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TFOS Conference Program & Updates

By On 10 January 2013

DETAILS!! TFOS CONFERENCE: TAORMINA, SICILY 2013 The 7th International TFOS Conference on the Tear Film & Ocular Surface: Basic Science and Clinical Relevance, will occur from 18-21 September 2013, in Taormina, Sicily.… Read More

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TFOS Workshop on Contact Lens Discomfort (CLD)

By On 24 September 2012

The TFOS CLD Workshop is well underway. Subcommittees have been, and will be, meeting at the following times and locations: “Neurobiology of discomfort and pain” at the InterContinental New York Barclay Hotel… Read More