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Generating Awareness of Dry Eye: Dr. Christopher Starr

By On 27 January 2017

It is the perfect coupling – a celebrity and a charming doctor – and the result is sexy. Damn sexy, in fact. But more importantly, it is effective in generating awareness for… Read More


Electronic Gadget Use and Dry Eye in Children

By On 25 November 2016

In this day and age of extremely conscientious and even helicopter parenting, it is shocking that many parents allow children to use telephones, tablets, and computers; often, without imposing time restrictions. According… Read More

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October Updates!

By On 30 October 2014

DEWS II: THE TFOS DRY EYE WORKSHOP UPDATE! TFOS has received more than 300 nominations for participants in the DEWS II. Thank you! Once we have raised enough funds to support this… Read More


Visual Acuity Diagnosed by Dr. Smartphone

By On 13 February 2012

Interview by Amy Gallant Sullivan @Eyeppl Down the street from TFOS headquarters is the MIT Media Labs… the birthplace of EyeNetra, an affordable, mobile diagnostic tool for eyes. Using a mobile phone,… Read More


Save the Date!

By On 3 February 2012

SAVE THE DATE: TFOS DINNER @ ARVO Please mark your calendars for the annual TFOS Dinner at ARVO on Monday evening May 7, 2012. More details and ticket information will be available… Read More